Unlock Your Confidence: Why You Shouldn't Hold Back from a Boudoir Session

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What is holding you back from doing a boudoir session?
What is holding you back from doing a boudoir session?

If you are like most women, you would LOVE to have beautiful phots of yourself (sexy, glamorous, professional...or a combination!)

But many of you don't book the session....and that makes me wonder....why?
What is holding you back?

In my private facebook group, I asked this question and got an overwhelming response. (click here to join if you are not a member yet)

I am a firm believer that all women deserve to have a beautiful portrait of themselves…and one that shows their sexy side as well.  Every women’s version of sexy is different, and that is totally cool, but still- a sexy photo of you, as you are right now, is priceless and will do wonders for your confidence and self esteem.  It’s the exact same way that a “bad” photo of you can crush your confidence.

Reason number 1

“I don’t know how to be sexy”

First of all- yes you do!  

You just don’t think you look sexy doing it.  

We need to stop comparing ourselves to others- you know this but you don’t practice it. We all have something that makes us uniquely beautiful,…and yes, sexy. However, if this is what is holding you back from doing a photoshoot, then that is an easy six.

If you are with the right photographer, (*ahem, me) they will pose and direct you and show you how to be sexy in front of the camera. Unless you are a professional model, you do not know the proper angles bases on where my camera is, how how the light is falling on your body, etc- that is MY job, and I rock at my job! ;-) 

I know how to coach you to get you there.

Remember, the majority of the images you see on my website or instagram are everyday women. Just like you, who thought the same thing before their shoot.  

Ask in the group.

Ask my former clients how nervous they were, and how they relaxed and warmed up after a few minutes.

Ask them what they thought about their photos, and if they looked sexy in them.  

Read the love notes from my clients here.

You CAN do this.  If others can, then why can't you?

You are beautiful now.

The people who love you think you are beautiful now.

I can show you.



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