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Frequently Asked Questions

I. I’m nervous. Like REALLY nervous.
It is totally normal for you to be nervous before your boudoir session. Everyone feels this way. It does help that we have a pre-shoot consultation, so you have a chance to get familiar with the studio and meet me in person, which helps with the unknown. Then the only thing you need to worry about is “will my photos look good? (Umm-yeah they will!), and “I’m gonna feel silly, not sexy” (totally fine- and normal, but I got you)

II. I don’t know how to be sexy
Perfect. You don’t need to. That’s my job, not yours. You just need to show up and follow my easy directions. For real. I pose every bit of you from your toes to your fingertips

III. What about hair and make up?
Professional hair and make up is included in all my boudoir, beauty and branding photo shoots, and it is done in studio, so you just need to show up and me and my team with do the rest! Read about why I provide hair and make up here

IV. I don’t know what to wear
Just WAIT till you come in for your consultation! I have a huge wardrobe with lots of lingerie, furs, fancy dresses, oversized sweaters, satin robes, bodysuits and more! Even sexy heels and boots. All in different sizes and styles for you to use for your session if you want. This is part of the experience at the studio.

V. Who is in the shoot with me?
When it’s time to shoot, you will be in there with just me and my female assistant. That’s it. Doors are locked and it’s just the three of us. YOu never have to be worried about anyone walking in, or having anyone else there.

VI. Everyone on your site is beautiful, I’m not a model, how can I do this kind of shoot?
Ummm. Everyone on my site IS beautiful, but also not models. And every one of them said the same thing before their shoot! Take a look at the transformations that professional hair and make up, posing and direction and professional lighting and retouching can do.

VII. Do you edit my photos?
I feel it is important to show you your beauty as you are, but yes, I do edit your photos and make you look amazing! I call it “responsible photoshopping.” 😉 I will get rid of anything that will be gone in 3 weeks (like bruises, pimples, cold sores etc) so don’t worry about that. If there is anything else you want to chat about minimizing, just le me know… and a word about cellulite- most of us have it, most of us hate it, but know that the light in my studio and how I shoot is with what’s called “flat lighting” which has a magical ability to smooth skin… so believe me when I say, you will hardly notice your cellulite.

VIII. Will you post my photos?
I will ONLY share your images if you tell me I can (and sign an image release agreement). Privacy is super important to me and the majority of the women I photography choose to keep their images private, and that is 100% ok. If you do allow me to share some of your images, I thank you very much! It’s always nice to show my work, and it allows others to see and picture themselves doing a shoot as well.

IX. Can I bring a friend?
Most women don’t feel the need to bring anyone to their session after we have our pre-shoot consultation because they feel comfortable with me after we meet in person. However, if you do decide to bring your BFF for moral support, know that she will not be in the shooting area with you. They can hang with you in hair and make up, but they stay in that area (which is separate from the shooting area) An extra person in the shooting space can be distracting for you…and for me!

X. Do I have to get naked?
No! Of course not! Sexy means something different to everyone. For you it may be an oversized off the shoulder sweater, for others it could be lingerie….or nothing at all. For most it’s a combination of all different looks and feels. But know that I will never push you to do something you are not comfortable with. Most women do find that they become pretty comfortable, pretty fast during the shoot and end up changing their mind and throwing a nude or two in the mix, but that is totally up to you.

Questions that I didn’t cover? Feel free to reach out to me and I will be happy to answer them for you!

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